Whitespace Events

Australia Day 2016​

White Space Events crew Ema Franklin, Harry Crawshaw, Annie Rechner (Producer) and James Franklin have a short break between set up duties for the Australian of the Year VIP event on January 25th.

After 15 years producing this event for the National Australia Day Council, you’d think it would get easier- but the outdoor nature of the event and the weather conditions made it a real challenge this year.

Spirits are high - even in 30 degree heat!

Planning Ahead

At White Space Events we are always 100% prepared for any outcome and are flexible and agile enough to solve for any problem. The secret, of course, is in the planning.

With any kind of outdoor event there is always a chance that you’ll have to deal with some kind of weather related headache- for The Australian of the Year Awards VIP event, it’s usually in the form extreme high humidity. But 2016 turned out to be the year of surprises, and instead we had to contend with wind and rain!

Luckily we had a wet weather plan, which we activated promptly so that each guest had a rain poncho or an umbrella covering them before the first drops even fell.

As a result, all the guests were in good humour and remained till the event of the ceremony, in the rain, to enjoy the catering

A rainy day was no match for foresight

Coming up with exactly the right look and feel for exhibition booths is critical to our success in the Exhibition space.
For THINK Education we were tasked with designing a booth for the various education expos around the country- it had to travel, be repeatable, be cost effective and most of all be eye catching. The booth also had to appeal to the target audience, enough so that they would enter it to either sign up for the colleges or ask for additional information.

Creating an exciting entry immediately puts guests in the right mood when they enter your event – like this simple red carpet entry at the THINK Education campus launch and Festival of Change opening. 

Why have a red carpet when you can just as easily have a blue one?
At White Space Events we know the entry feature is an integral part of any event- one that lets attendees know that as soon as you enter, the party begins.
This simple blue carpet at the entry to an outdoor event made all the guests feel super special by adding a twist to the classic “carpeted” entry.

White Space Events is lucky enough to have worked with some impressive clients, and some events are an absolute privileged to organise. This one for Laureate International Universities and the launch of Torrens University Adelaide with President Bill Clinton as the guest speaker was a highlight in the extreme, and one which were incredibly proud to be a part of.

White Space Events sometimes do very silly things in the name of event management, like inviting a man and his horse into Town Hall to present to a group of clients.
Thanks to Graham Keating for being the best Town Crier ever!
Mind the floorboards! The horse even had his very own pair of slippers.

Throwing rose petals and waving fronds at an organised event is absolutely OK – in very specific contexts. Luckily, a jungle themed wedding is one such occasion.
If you’re interested in having an African jungle themed event, we will also create the jungle entry feature complete with “bridge over raging torrent” ambience, including mosquitoes and water sound effects (don’t worry, we won’t actually include the mosquitoes.) Please bring back the budgets for these great events.

At White Space Events, we manage all kinds of risks to make sure our clients look good on the day, including alleviating high winds pushing over the potted palms in outdoor locations like Darwin foreshore in NT – yes that’s our event manager crouching down behind that pot keeping it upright.
There is nothing we won’t do to make our clients shine.

An ice sculpture with a carved logo or symbol is such a beautiful and simple way to encapsulate the event theme. Here at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney, White Space Events delivered a stylish dinner for 500 guests in the Exhibition Hall. We had planned to present three giant ice sculptures lit up by overhead lights and surrounded by succulents, with the 50-odd table centrepieces designed to match. Unfortunately, a severe storm destroyed the entire crop of succulents a few weeks before the event and we had to change our plans suddenly.
It still looked awesome, though!

Statement pieces like this ice sculpture really give an event that special atmosphere.

A fun cocktail on arrival and themed/costumed waiters is a sure fire way to heat up any event. 
At the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay this tropical event was a huge hit as party goers got quickly into the mood, being greeted by colourful shots on palm frond trays and drummers drumming them into the venue.

Can you ever beat a themed and logoed cupcake? 
These Commonwealth Bank 30th Anniversary cup cakes worked a treat and were a great addition to our event catering. White Space Events was proud to work alongside such a community based organisation.

Festivals are always a blast, as Paul will attest for this one in Fitzroy Gardens, Kings Cross. When all the hard work is done it’s great to see the locals come out enjoy the good food and wine– another event proudly organised by White Space Events.